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2019-nCoV - Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus - vision of a deadly pandemic outbreak

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In the very beginning of every creative process there is usually a brief and then a there is a time to do brainstorming, going many possible ways just to find out that there are dead ends and then there are creative approaches that eventually manifest in a product / an asset that meets the briefed purpose and gets sold. This article is about two works that totally didn't meet the initial brief because they are just so contrary to it BUT which on the other hand have a very own potential in telling a story differently.

In early January we were asked to create an iconic image that alerts about the fact that the 2019-nCoV coronavirus is a global threat and should not only be totally connected in people's occiput with its origin Wuhan in China. anyhow, you can't limit a designer's head and sometimes great stuff comes up that totally contradicts the brief. As a creative peer in the industry, we do not condemn such things and hide them in the drawers but try our best to proactively deal with assets like these.

It's not a secret that both of them found their ways into countless YouTube articles and hey - that's what it's all about in this business: Feeding the beast.

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