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A horrible clown à la Stephen King’s „IT“, a mass murderer with a chainsaw and death itself – they all are fighting for their life underwater. Something seems to be pulling them down. They desperately try to fight their way up to the surface. But their fight is in vain, and all three of them lifelessly sink to the bottom. The resolution appears at the end of the film: an oversized tea bag, which pulls the personified fears down and thus gets rid of them.

The film was produced by Tempomedia Hamburg in cooperation with Jung von Matt /Neckar and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The German Wahnsinn Team delivered music and sound composition and Harvest Digital was responsible for post production. Shooting took place in the legendary Pinewood Studios in London.


Product: Calming tea

DoP: Roland Stuprich

Agency Jung von Matt / Neckar

Client Herbaria

Production Company Tempomedia

Co-Production Company Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Service Production Valentine Films

Executive Producer Alexander Schildt

Producer Christian Hergenröther

Director Andreas Roth

Underwater Cameraman Mike Valentine

Editor Anne Beutel

Music / Sounddesign The German Wahnsinn Team

Postproduction Company Harvest Digital Agriculture

Postproduction Supervisor / Compositing Sascha Schmidt

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