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OPPO - Cupid

It's been a pleasure to work on this campaign for OPPO in January 2019. We were facing a lot of roto work as well as CG and major beauty and hair touch-ups. OPPO "Cupid" is another release of this campaign and was just about right for Valentine's Day. The most appealing thing for me on this challenge was the creation of the iconic painting scenery and the match to a real-life shot set. As always the running seconds in the final film do not reflect the countless hours and the heart blood of the team but it's still great to see how this idea made it form the first thought to the final master. And it's interesting to explore the different approaches of AI-driven art vs hand made oil and acrylics only to find out that classic craftsmanship is still unbeatable.

production house 16ß9 film


马马也f / match


丁雨晨 / Ding Ding

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