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squarebooster - How it all started

We really forgot to ever sit down and make a documentation of how things started with squarebooster. It's been years ago now since he appeared and squarebooster by now is like a column in design and creativity to us here at So it's time to change this and also time to do our part to support squarebooster during the hard times of lockdowns and losses in creative gigs and revenue. We decided to start an ongoing feature of squarebooster and his work here in our blog so please stay tuned and feel free to get in touch with him via this remotevfx blog or on instagram.

We plan to feature works and the respective stories of squarebooster on a regular basis. It will be a mix of early stages and current works and we hope you will enjoy this. You can always get in touch and ask specific questions. squarebooster is here in the office most of the time and will be very happy to talk with you and if he's not around, he'll soon be back from 7eleven.

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