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VOID - Digital Wormhole VJ Loop Pack

Trippy Deep House in the night club, tranquility in meditation, or just an eye-catching loop for the screen. The Void clip pack contains 4 seamless loops of an abstract journey through a spiral vortex wormhole. Fantasy background theme of science and technology, space-time,

and hypnotic light. ProRes and DXV3 codecs available upon request.

Get your copy here:

This is the first part of VOID - Digital Wormhole VJ Lops on Tetrastock.

We do 4K UHD 30FPS high-resolution VJ loops, backgrounds, and other visual arts in different codecs right for your project or usage. No difficult small legal text, no loopholes, no subscriptions. We believe in you as an artist and we know the issues with budgets. Therefore, we run a straight "pay what you want" policy per item.

You're welcome to check out our collection at

Thanks and shoutout to Noise Design - with the featured track "TIEFENRAUSCH" which is available for purchase on their website.

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