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Standard cleaning is regularly done on a weekly basis while deep cleaning is usually carried out every month or when it is your first time to book a professional cleaning service. If your home has not been : cleaned for 1-3 months, we recommend that you have your home deep cleaned. While regular cleaning maintains , a good level of cleanliness around the house, our deep cleaning service covers areas that are not usually covered during a standard cleaning. It reaches the deep grime and dirt that accumulated for weeks or months and focuses on your kitchen and bathrooms. The average cost of house cleaning on a one-time basis is $125 to $225. A one-bedroom apartment costs $60 to $90, while a 2-bed 2-bath home ranges from $95 to $130. A 2,000 square foot house typically costs $135 to $180 to clean, while a 3,000 sqft home runs $180 to $390. Get free estimates from house cleaning services near you.professional carpet cleaning estimateThe method of carpet cleaning offered will also affect the price. The most popular method called hot water extraction, also known as known as steam cleaning, doesn’t actually use steam but instead uses , high pressure flush the fibers with very hot water. The water is then extracted using a powerful truck mounted vacuum.This is the method that most carpet manufacturers , recommend and is often required in order to keep the warranty valid You can opt to have a professional cleaning company clean the carpet using either a dry clean or hot water extraction/steam method. You can also purchase or rent a carpet cleaner for an average rental cost of $21-$30 per day. Our carpet cleaning company uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning products 8211 so you can have clean and healthy carpets.Despite this: We are priced competitively, and all of our prices are in the ranges named above.stanley steemer pet cleaningStanley Steemer We prefer to clean natural fiber and hand-woven rugs at our facility for more thorough cleaning. Our off-site rug cleaning allows us to remove pet urine, odor and restore the color of your , rug's fringe. We can accommodate rugs of any size. No rug is too large or small. If you choose to buy your own carpet cleaner, be sure to read the label of every product you pour into it, because some of it is sure to be left behind on your carpets. And, before you do anything yourself, click here to grab a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Healthy DIY Carpet Cleaning so you can learn more about the popular cleaning methods and their potential hazards. Stressing over pet messes? Have the experts come to refresh and renew your carpet, upholstery, and more. Call us 24/7 at 1-800-STEEMER or instantly schedule online. """"""""


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